A new set of tools.

The drivers of Farther Farms' novel food products are our underlying breakthrough processing technologies. We develop new, scalable equipment for food processing operations and manufacturing facilities.

Our equipment is not currently for sale or available commercially to food processors. However, if you are interested in such an arrangement, we encourage you to reach out to us to begin a conversation about how Farther Farms can work with your company.

Current project

We are working to commercialize a new technology that leverages high pressure carbon dioxide to create a natural pasteurization technique. With this approach, we can extend the shelf-life of food products using lower temperatures, time, and energy inputs.



Brewer Nicolas Appert was awarded a prize by the French government for devising canning as an inexpensive method for preservation. In the years following the Napoleonic wars, canning spread throughout Europe and the Americas with the first US canning factory opening in NYC in 1812.



Clarence Birdseye first introduced flash freezing to the American public in 1929.  Although some small freezing operations existed in London during the late 19th Century, Birdseye's investment in infrastructure marked the first effort in mass commercialization.



The founding of Farther Farms in 2017 marks the first step to commercializing Vipul's research and the development of our new shelf-life extension technology.