R&D Food Scientist



August 15, 2019 


Rochester, NY


Currently we are looking for a talented, motivated, interdisciplinary individual to join our R&D and Commercialization Team in Rochester, NY.  We are seeking a dedicated, thoughtful individual with the creativity to tackle novel projects that come with food innovation, an attraction to our high-paced, multifaceted start-up environment, and enthusiasm to join the organization as a foundational team member. 


The R&D Food Scientist would lead product development and commercialization of our first products in our new manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY. For the right candidate, the position would have a range of responsibilities across product and process development and involve close collaboration with the operations, engineering, food safety, and business teams to guide commercialization opportunities. 



  • Farther Farms’ go-to-market product, a never-frozen French fry, is well-formulated and tailored to the necessary market, sensory, and food safety specifications;

  • The organization is able to sell a food safe, consistent product into the market;

  • You approach new product development with creativity and an understanding of food science principles and the organization’s novel processing technology and mission;

  • You flow seamlessly between the research lab, operations facility, engineering team, and business team, collaborating effectively with a holistic understanding of commercialization from bench-top to manufacturing production;  

  • Through your insight, expertise, and comprehensive understanding of product and process development, you are seen as an indispensable member of the company on its path to developing never-before-possible products and innovative processing technology solutions.



  • 3-5 years of experience in product development, food production, process development, and/or food manufacturing;

  • Comprehensive knowledge of HACCP and GMP's practices;

  • Strong knowledge of USDA, FDA, and US government regulations including labeling & nutritional facts;

  • Knowledge of the culinary arts;

  • A Bachelor's degree in Food Science is required; a Master’s degree or higher in food science or a similar field is preferred.


Product and Process Development:

  • Generate ideas for new products and researching feasibility based on an in-depth understanding of the company’s processing technology, regulation compliance, resource availability, business strategy, market acceptance, and mission;

  • Drive product development from concept to launch;

  • Formulate new products and recipes using food chemistry knowledge of ingredient functionality, sensory analysis, and challenge study results;

  • Assist with the scale-up of bench top processes;

  • Plan, oversee, and organize production trial runs on the production line, making improvements and modifications as needed;

  • Lead optimization of recipes for cost, manufacturing process, and essential attributes;

  • Lead sensory testing, shelf life verification, and claim validation;

  • Lead preparation of comprehensive process documentation to enable smooth commercialization and training of plant personnel, and meet internal and external audit requirement including regulatory compliance, label reviews, raw ingredients specification, product specification, and shelf life;

  • Collaborate with the engineering, technical, and production teams to formulate new processes and make improvements and modifications to existing processes;

  • Maintain a comprehensive understanding of all manufacturing operations, end-products, raw materials, packaging materials, and quality specifications and standards;

  • Author or contribute to technical proposals, grants proposals, summaries, presentations, and project reports;

  • Manage and execute analytical testing of food products, ingredients, and environmental; assist in the direction of pathogenic research for new products; assist with strategy development and execution of challenge studies and shelf life studies;

  • Maintain an understanding of the Food Safety plan, HACCP and Prerequisite programs, and the relevant SOPs and SSOPs for the processing line;

  • Provide assistance with implementing and maintaining compliance with Global Food Safety Initiative Standards; ensure compliance with daily management of the Food Safety Plan Activities and RTE standards;

  • Oversee general lab administration, organization, documentation, lab notebooks, and invention records; maintain records of product quality checks, preventive controls and pre-requisite programs; develop and maintain product specification sheets and labels according to regulatory requirements.


This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits.  Compensation commensurate with experience.

Candidates must have valid work authorization and be able to work in the U.S. without company sponsorship


Farther Farms is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.









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