Science for a Global Food System

We build technologies

to improve the way food is made.

Food tech can change the world. Platform food technologies - like canning and freezing - have enabled us to build a thriving world. However, with ever-increasing population growth, diminishing resources, and environmental pressures, the global community needs new ways to produce food safely, inexpensively, and sustainably. 


This is where Farther Farms come in.

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The Opportunity 

Farther Farms develops innovative sterilization techniques that make food safely with clean labels, lower cooking temperatures, and in less time. This allows us to improve the breadth and quality of possible food products, transforming the way food is prepared, distributed, and accessed around the world. 

We meld microbiology, engineering, and food science expertise to design technologies that create value across the supply chain. This holistic improvement - across safety, economics, and quality - unites processors, distributors, food service operators, and consumers in a common vision while simultaneously promoting sustainability and long-term responsibility.

Vegetable Market

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Food Safety


Value Creation

Who We Are

Improving the global food system requires seeing the larger picture, working from first principles, and building a team of dedicated scientists, engineers, thinkers, and doers. Since 2016, Farther Farms has grown from a concept to a full-time team backed by industry partners and supporters across the globe.