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More than just lovers of food, we’re a team committed to making food accessible everywhere

Expect the adventure and thrill of unchartered territory. At Farther Farms, research and ingeniousness are found in all positions!

-Ghislaine J.
VP Product R&D and Innovation

We're just trying to save the world...starting with French fries! It's not easy, but it is deliciously satisfying. Want in?

-Rick H.
Engineering Development Manager


Mike Annunziata

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Vipul Saran

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Max Richman

VP, Business Development

Ghislaine Joly

VP, Product R&D and Innovation

Rick Hebb

Engineering Development Manager

Diane Schmitt

Food Safety and Regulatory Manager

Steve Sable

Pilot Plant Operations Manager

Michael VanderZwaag

Sr. Food Safety & Quality Specialist

Keith Saxton

Sr. Maintenance Technician

Kameron Gray

Sr. Operator

Alex Silva


Bill McGee

Operations Coordinator

Darrell Leslie

Production and Sanitation Lead

Ray McKnight

Lead Operator

Jose Osorio

Packaging Lead

Rob Gray

Production Supervisor

Louis Leone

Food Safety & Quality Technologist

Juhi Patel

Associate Research Scientist

Kishore Ramakrishnan

R&D Systems Design Engineer

Courtney Hunt

Quality & Micro Technologist

Josh Wilkins

Process and Maintenance Technologist

Jose Madera


Sheldon Gray


Wayne Lee

Production Specialist

Julia Ownes

Quality Intern


Bruno Xavier

NYS Process Authority; Microbiology PhD

Gary Cuddeford

Fmr VP of Global Engineering, Lamb Weston

Olivier Desjardins

Cornell Mechanical Engineering PhD

Todd Badgley

Former Quality / Safety Manager, Lamb Weston

Lalit Chordia

CEO, Thar Process

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