We empower our team of scientists, engineers, and operators to grow, question, and create.

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We strive to make quality food, available everywhere.


Create value

We believe success is rooted in creating value. Above all, we orient our priorities toward value creation with the belief that it is through the pursuit of true value that improves wellbeing.

Think from first principles

We humbly value experience while challenging ourselves to unpack problems from a first principles approach.

Understand the "why"

We strive to understand the why behind the answer. Understanding the why unlocks the deeper lessons and understanding necessary for true innovation.

Communicate compassionately

True collaboration requires an appreciation for one another. By communicating in a way that recognizes shared genuine intentions, we can always get to the heart of the matter.

Move quickly, not hastily

Farther Farms brings speed: speed to understand, develop, and implement. With this as a major point of differentiation, we continually target ways to maximize learnings per year, day, and hour.

Recognize secrets, solve mysteries

Scientific discovery is a give and take between secrets and mysteries. By understanding what challenges have been solved and what need to be, we target our efforts on creating the most value for Farther Farms and the larger community.

We've got you covered

We understand that healthcare benefits are an important part of feeling secure and making career decisions. Our competitive benefits package includes premium medical and dental coverage with flexible plan options.

Work-Life Balance

We believe time outside of work with family and friends is important for everyone's wellbeing. That’s why our PTO plan encourages team members to take time off. Employees also receive sick leave so that being under the weather doesn't mean having to use vacation time.

Plan for the long-term

With our 401k plan and 3% match, we want to help our team plan for their future. The customizable investment and contribution options allows our team members to choose a retirement plan that fits for them.

In the know

Through our weekly All Hands meetings and open door policy, we are dedicated to ensuring our team is updated with the information needed to succeed.

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